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Wireless Transfer

Nikon Transfer 2 can be used to wirelessly transfer files. A camera equipped with a built-in wireless transmitter or a Nikon digital single-lens reflex camera with an optional wireless transmitter is required.
For more information on using a wireless LAN, see the camera or wireless transmitter manual or visit the Nikon support website for your area. Refer to "System Requirements" for the detailed website addresses.

Before you begin

Confirm that the software required for a wireless connection between the camera and the destination computer has been installed on the computer. The software varies depending on the camera model.
Next, confirm that the camera and computer are correctly configured. For information on creating a wireless network, see the manual for the camera or wireless transmitter or the manual for the wireless LAN adapter or access point. See the camera or wireless transmitter manual for information on camera wireless transfer options.
For information on uploading files over a wireless network without using Nikon Transfer 2, see the camera or wireless transmitter manual.

Wireless transfer

Nikon Transfer 2 can be used for wireless transfer as described below.
  1. Start the computer and turn the camera on.
  1. Establish a wireless connection:
    For information on how to establish a wireless connection, see the documentation provided with your wireless transmitter.
    When the connection is established between the camera and computer, the OS detects the connection and an operation selection screen is displayed.
    Follow the on-screen instructions to start Nikon Transfer 2.
  1. Open the [Source] panel in the transfer options area and confirm that the camera is displayed.
    If the camera is not displayed, check wireless settings and try again.
  1. Click [Start Transfer].
    Images will be transferred.
    At default settings, the camera will automatically be removed from the system when transfer is complete. Transfer settings, such as transfer destination, will be the same as settings for transfer using a USB cable with the camera USB option set to PTP.
If Nikon Transfer 2 does not start automatically
Refer to "Troubleshooting".