The [Adjust] Menu

[Gray Point Sample Tool]
Click anywhere in the picture to adjust white balance so that the sampled pixel takes on a neutral gray color (0 The White Balance Tool).
[Crop Tool]
Crop pictures (0 Cropping Pictures).
[Straighten Tool]
Straighten pictures (0 The Straighten Tool).
[Auto Retouch Brush Tool]
Remove dust and scratches (0 The Retouch Brush).
[Color Control Point Tool]
Enhance pictures using color control points (0 The Color Control Point Tool).
[Copy All Adjustments]
Copy all adjustments.
[Paste Adjustments]
Paste adjustments from the clipboard.
[Save All Adjustments]
Save the current settings for all adjustments in an adjustments file (0 Adjustment Files).
[Load Adjustments]
Load adjustments from an adjustments file and apply them to the pictures in the current selection (0 The Adjustments Manager).
[Revert to Original State]
Revert all changes and restore pictures to their original state.
[Revert to Last Saved State]
Initialize the adjustments file, cancelling all changes made in NX Studio.