Viewing Selected Pictures

To view the current selection or the pictures in the current folder in a slide show, click [Slideshow] in the toolbar.

When prompted, adjust settings and click [OK] to start the show.

NEFX Format Pictures

Pictures in NEFX format (merged pixel shift pictures) cannot be played in slide shows.

Slide Show Settings

The options in the [SlideShow] dialog control how long pictures are displayed, the transitions between slides, and other slide show settings. After adjusting settings, click [OK] to start the show.

Choose the transitions between slides.
[Still image duration]
Choose how long each of the photos in the slide show is displayed; your options are [Short], [Standard], and [Long] (equivalent to about 3, 5, or 10 seconds, respectively).
[Add background music]
Select this option to add background music in the form of an audio file. To choose the file, click [Browse]. Only one background track can be used at a time.
[Include Videos]
Select this option to include any videos in the current selection in the slide show.
If this option is selected, the slide show will repeat until stopped.

Slide Show Controls

The controls displayed during the show differ from those that appear at its end.

During the Show

Click anywhere on the current picture to end the show. Moving the mouse during the show displays playback controls. The  control can also be used to end the show.

[Create Video]

Clicking [Create Video] in the slide show controls displays a dialog where you can save the slide show as a video using the currently-selected pictures, background music, and transitions (0 Combining Photos and Videos).

After the Show

A list of options will be displayed when the slide show ends. Among the actions that can be performed are repeating the show and adjusting settings. Clicking [Create Video] displays a dialog where you can save the slide show as a video (0 Combining Photos and Videos).