The View Area

Pictures are displayed in the view area. You have a choice of view modes, including not only thumbnail and single-frame display, but also side-by-side and before-and-after-editing comparison views.

View Mode
Choose how pictures are displayed in the viewer. You have a choice not only of thumbnail and single-frame views, but can also compare pictures side-by-side (0 Choosing a View Mode).
Filmstrip View
Display a filmstrip (a row or column of thumbnails) below or to the left of the viewer (0 Filmstrip View).
Full-Frame View
Display pictures full-screen (0 Full-Frame View).
Limit the display of thumbnails in the view area or filmstrip using one or more filters (0 Filter Options).

Sort thumbnails in the view area or filmstrip.

Display Size
Choose the thumbnail or picture display size (0 Thumbnail Size, Choosing a Display Size).
View the current picture.
Displayed when HLG pictures recorded on cameras that support tone-mode selection are viewed on HDR-compatible monitors (0 HDR Pictures).
The Bottom Toolbar
Display shooting data in the viewer and rate or label pictures (0 The Bottom Toolbar).