Protecting Pictures

Protected pictures cannot be deleted or renamed. Pictures protected using the camera are protected in NX Studio.

Changing Picture Protection Status

Protection status is displayed in a variety of locations.

On Thumbnails

Mouse over unprotected pictures and click the protect icon to enable protection (). Click again to disable protection (). In the thumbnail list, protection can be applied or removed in the [Name] field.

Protecting Multiple Pictures

Changes to protection made after selecting multiple pictures using the control (or in macOS, the command) or shift key apply to all images in the selection.

On the Bottom Toolbar

Enable () or disable () protection by clicking the protect icon in the toolbar at the bottom of the view area ( 0 The Bottom Toolbar).

Pictures in the “2/4 Images” Views

Changes to protection status apply only to the current picture (the picture highlighted in white or black).

Filtering Pictures by Protection Status

Pictures can be filtered by protection status. Click  and then filter pictures by their protection status by clicking the two protection filter buttons to toggle the “protected” button on () or off () and the “unprotected” button on () or off (). Select both options (or neither option) to view all pictures.

Viewing protected pictures only

Filmstrip view