Viewing Videos

NX Studio can be used to play videos selected for display in single-frame view. Mousing over the viewer displays video playback controls.

Video Playback Controls

Frame-by-Frame Display
Click to view the individual frames of the video as thumbnails. Drag the handles at either side to scroll to the desired frame (0 Removing Unwanted Footage).
Playback Position
The current playback position.
Playback Slider
Shows the current playback position. Drag the slider to fast-forward or rewind.
The total length of the current video.
Save Still
Save a still of the current frame.
Frame Rewind/Frame Advance
Rewind or advance the video a frame at a time. Clicking either button during playback pauses the video, after which it can be rewound or advanced a frame at a time starting at the selected position.
Start, pause, or resume playback.
Toggle this button to  to mute audio. Click again to enable audio.

Installing Codecs (Windows Only)

Depending on the file type, you may be prompted to install a codec when attempting to display videos in the image viewer (). Follow the on-screen instructions to install the codec.

Video Stills

To save the current frame as a still, click the “Save Still” button () in the video playback controls.

  • Select [Settings] > [Simple Settings] to save the still at the default compression and frame size.
  • To choose a different compression and frame size, select [Settings] > [Advanced Settings].
  • To choose the destination folder, select [Save in] > [Specified folder].
  • A file name can be entered in the [File Name] field.