What NX Studio Can Do for You

NX Studio is used to view and enhance photos and videos shot with Nikon digital cameras. It offers a user-friendly way of performing these tasks on pictures after download. It also offers other ways to enjoy your pictures, for example uploading them to the Web or editing videos.

Basic Features

NX Studio is used to view and enhance pictures downloaded to your computer via Nikon Transfer 2 or the like. It can also be used to print pictures or upload them to the Web after enhancement.

Viewing Pictures

You can view pictures in a thumbnail display and quickly find the one you want. Selected pictures can be viewed single-frame at a larger size to check fine details. You also have a choice of multi-frame views that can be used to compare pictures side-by-side. You can also compare before-and-after views of the same picture to assess the effects of adjustments.


Pictures can be filtered by rating and label. Quickly find the pictures you want for a more efficient workflow.

Enhancing Pictures

Photos can be enhanced in a variety of ways, including by adjusting brightness, hue, and other settings, cropping pictures, or processing RAW images and saving the results in other formats.

Exporting Pictures (Saving Pictures in Other Formats)

Pictures that have been enhanced or resized can be exported in JPEG, HEIF, or TIFF format. The exported pictures can then be opened using other software.

Uploading Pictures to the Web

Upload pictures directly to NIKON IMAGE SPACE.


Print pictures and give them to friends and family.

Advanced Features

NX Studio can be used not only to enhance photos, but also to edit videos. It can also be used to view slide shows of pictures in selected folders.

Video Editing (Movie Editor)

Trim unwanted footage or splice clips together.

Slide Shows

View a slide show of the pictures in a selected folder.

Available Features

Some features may not be available depending on the country or region of use.