Tools Available with HLG Photos

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 Basic Image Adjustment in NX Studio

There are three formats for HLG still images: RAW images (.nef) and HEIF images (.hif) taken in HLG on cameras that support tone-mode selection, and NEFX images (.nefx) generated by merging images taken in HLG using pixel shift. The following tables list the tools available for each format in the various adjustment palettes.

Basic Edit Palettes

Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
[Picture Control]
[Set Picture Control (HLG)] 4
[White Balance] 4
[Exposure Comp.] 4
[Active D-Lighting]
[Adjust Brightness and Color]
[Highlight Protection]
[Shadow Protection]
[D-Lighting HS]

Levels & Curves

Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
Tone curve 4 4

Lightness, Chroma, and Hue Adjustment

Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
[Color Booster]

Portrait Enhancements

Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
[Skin softening] 4
[Portrait impression balance] 4

Adjust Details

Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
[Noise Reduction]
  [Noise Reduction] 4
[Edge Noise Reduction] 4
[Astro Noise Reduction] 4
(Not available with .nefx files)
[Sharpness Adjustment]
[Unsharp Mask]


Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
[Retouch Brush]
  Retouch brush settings 4 4
[Color Control Point]
  Color control point settings

Adjust Composition

Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
  Crop settings 4 4
  Straighten settings 4 4
[Perspective Control]
  Perspective control settings 4 4

Camera and Lens Corrections

Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
[Camera Corrections]
  [Color Moiré Reduction]
[Image Dust Off]
[Auto Red-Eye]
[Lens Corrections]
  [Lateral Color Aberration] 4
(Not available with .nefx files)
[Axial Color Aberration]
[Auto Distortion Control] 4 4
[Vignette Control] 4 4
[Diffraction Compensation] 4
[PF Flare Control]
[Fisheye] 4 4


Tool .nef/.nefx .hif
[Apply adjustment steps]