[Color Management]

Adjust color management settings.

[Color Matching Profile] (Windows)/[Default Profiles for images] (macOS)

Adjust color space (color profile) settings.

  • [Default RGB color space] (Windows)/[RGB Default Profile] (macOS): Choose the default RGB profile.

    • [Use this instead of an embedded profile when opening images]: When opening pictures, replace the embedded color profile with the profile selected for [Default RGB color space] (or in macOS, [RGB Default Profile]).
[Printer Profile]

[Use this profile when printing]: Select this option to choose a color profile for printing.

  • Choose the printer profile used for printing.
  • Choose the intent from the [Intent] menu.
[Display Profile] (Windows)/[Device Profiles] (macOS)
Click [Change Display Profile] to choose a monitor profile. Options for your operating system will be displayed.
Select [Convert images to sRGB color space when they are converted into JPEG/TIFF format] to embed the sRGB color profile in pictures converted to other formats during export. The original color profile is overwritten.
Select [Apply color management settings to thumbnails] to apply color management settings to the thumbnails in the thumbnail grid, thumbnail list, and filmstrip.


  • [Perceptual] maintains the relations between colors to produce results that seem natural to the human eye. The colors may however not be true to the original image data.
  • [Relative colorimetric] maps colors not in the selected profile to the nearest available color. All colors in the gamut of the printer will be reproduced accurately.