Select pictures and click [Upload] in the toolbar to initiate upload.

If you are not currently logged in to NIKON IMAGE SPACE, you will be prompted to do so. Clicking [Login] displays the [Web Service] section of the options dialog (0 The Options Dialog, [Web Service]).

Upload Settings

Clicking [Upload] displays upload settings.

[Upload Settings]

Adjust settings for pictures uploaded from NX Studio.

  • [Image Settings (Resize)]: Choose the size at which pictures will be uploaded.
  • [Select Album]: Choose a destination for the uploaded pictures. To upload pictures to a new album, select [New Album] and enter the album name.

    • [Add XMP/IPTC keywords as NIKON IMAGE SPACE tags]: Select this option to add image tags for the [Keywords] in the [XMP/IPTC] tab of the adjustments/info palette (0 The Adjustments/Info Palette). Tags can be used for keyword searches in NIKON IMAGE SPACE.
    • [Add XMP/IPTC rating as NIKON IMAGE SPACE rating]: Select this option to keep the currently-selected ratings when pictures are uploaded (0 Rating Pictures).
Upload the pictures to NIKON IMAGE SPACE at the selected settings.
Exit without uploading the pictures.

Supported File Types