Captured Images Are Not Displayed

Captured images will not be displayed if Do nothing or Send it to Capture NX 2 watched folder is selected for When a new image is received from camera in the “Transfer Options” dialog. Select Show it with NX Studio, Show it with ViewNX-i, or Show it with ViewNX 2.

Camera Controls Cannot Be Used

Select Enable Controls on Camera Body in the Camera menu. Note that some camera controls cannot be used in live view even when Enable Controls on Camera Body is selected.

The Camera Cannot Be Controlled from Camera Control Pro 2

Deselect Enable Controls on Camera Body in the Camera menu.

Items in the Camera Menus Are Grayed Out and Unavailable

Items in the camera menus that cannot be accessed via Camera Control Pro 2 are displayed in gray and cannot be selected while Camera Control Pro 2 is running. Certain of these items can potentially be made available by changing camera settings.

Changes to settings that may make grayed out items available include:

  • Selecting P, S, A, or M as the shooting or exposure mode
  • Starting or ending live view photography
  • Rotating the live view selector to another setting, if applicable
  • Ending silent photography
  • Ending HDR photography