Adjusting Camera Settings on NX MobileAir (Supported Cameras Only)

Supported Cameras

This feature is available with:

  • Z 9 cameras (“C” firmware version 5.00 or later)

Adjust camera settings such as exposure, autofocus, white balance, and image quality using NX MobileAir.

The Camera Settings Display

Enable remote photography in the album list menu and tap [Camera settings] in the remote operation tab to display this screen (0Enabling Remote Photography).

Setting Category Tab

Tap the category of the setting you want to configure to select it.

  • [Exposure]: Configure settings related to exposure, such as shutter speed and aperture.
  • [AF/WB]: Configure settings related to autofocus and white balance.
  • [Image]: Configure settings for image quality, image size, and Active D-Lighting.
Camera Settings
The settings in the category of the selected tab will be displayed. Tap an option to configure the setting.

White Balance and Color Temperature

If you select [Choose color temperature] for white balance and tap the setting value, the [Choose color temperature] display will appear. Adjust the color temperature using the left and right buttons or the slider.

This feature is not available in the iOS version.