What You’ll Need

To use NX MobileAir, you’ll need a camera, a smart device (smartphone or tablet), a USB cable, and an FTP server.

System Requirements

For the latest system requirements, visit:

D6/D5/D850/D780/Z 9/Z 8/Z 7II/Z 7/Z 6II/Z 6/Z 5/Z 50/Z 30/Z fc
Smart Device
Android version 9 or later
USB Cable
  • If the camera and smart device are both equipped with Type-C USB connectors, use a Nikon UC-E25 USB cable or a third-party USB cable with Type-C connectors at both ends. The connection can also be made using the supplied UC-E24 USB cable connected to the smart device via a third-party USB cable with female Type-A and male Type-C connectors.

  • If the smart device is equipped with a Micro-B USB connector, use the USB cable supplied with the camera and a third-party USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable with female Type-A and male Micro-B connectors.

Smart Device USB OTG Settings

Smart devices equipped with a Micro-B USB connector will need to support USB OTG. Enable OTG in the settings app for the smart device.

Third-Party USB Cables

Before using a third-party USB cable, confirm that it bears the USB certification logo. Note that some cables cannot be connected to the camera.

USB Power Delivery

You may be repeatedly prompted to grant permissions after connecting to cameras that support USB power delivery. This can be addressed by choosing [Disable] for [USB power delivery] in the camera menus.

  • D6 (“C” firmware version 1.51 or later)
  • Z 9
  • Z 8
  • Z 7II (“C” firmware version 1.50 or later)
  • Z 6II (“C” firmware version 1.50 or later)
  • Z 5 (“C” firmware version 1.40 or later)
  • Z 30 (“C” firmware version 1.10 or later)
  • Z fc (“C” firmware version 1.40 or later)
Smart Device
iOS version 14 or later
Dedicated USB Cable
Anker 514 Lightning to USB-C Accessory Cable (Product Number Y2361)

Camera USB Settings

Before connecting the camera to an iPhone, select [iPhone] for [USB] in the camera network menu (or in the camera setup menu, in the case of the D6 and Z 7II/Z 6II).

Recommended: A Dedicated Smart Device

Launching other applications or using network connections for other purposes may interrupt picture import and FTP upload. Consider investing in a smart device for use solely with NX MobileAir.