SnapBridge 360/170 Online Manual

Important: If you are unable to connect via Bluetooth or connect or download images via Wi-Fi after pairing is complete, try:

About SnapBridge 360/170

The SnapBridge 360/170 companion app for KeyMission 360 and KeyMission 170 cameras can be used to adjust camera settings, download and edit photos and movies, and view spherical 360° content shot with the KeyMission 360 from any angle.

Connecting to the Camera

Adjusting Camera Settings

Camera settings can be adjusted from your smart device (smartphone or tablet). In the case of cameras not equipped with monitors, settings can only be adjusted using SnapBridge 360/170 or its desktop equivalent, KeyMission 360/170 Utility.

Viewing and Downloading Pictures

Content can be downloaded from the camera via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can download all content automatically or download selected photos and movies.

Viewing Downloads

SnapBridge 360/170 can be used to view photos and movies downloaded from the camera. Spherical 360° content shot with the KeyMission 360 can be viewed from any angle.

Remote Photography

SnapBridge 360/170 turns your smart device (smartphone or tablet) into a remote control, letting you take pictures remotely while framing shots on the smart device.

Adjusting Shooting Settings

SnapBridge 360/170 can be used to choose the movie mode and photo size and adjust other settings for cameras connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


SnapBridge 360/170 lets you edit photos and movies on your smart device (smartphone or tablet).


Share pictures via e-mail or post content to social media.

SnapBridge 360/170 Tips and Tricks

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