Issues During Download

Check the following if you have trouble downloading pictures.

CDs and DVDs Are Not Listed in the [Source] Tab

Nikon Transfer 2 cannot be used to copy files between CDs, DVDs, and hard disks. Copy the files directly or use the import tools supplied with the computer operating system.

Files Cannot Be Transferred

  • Is the camera or memory card listed in the [Source] tab of the [Options] pane? If not, check that the camera is on and properly connected or that the memory card is properly inserted in the card reader or memory card slot.
  • Is the device button for the desired camera or memory card disabled in the [Source] tab of the [Options] pane? Click the device button to select the desired camera or removable media.

NX Studio Does Not Launch When Download Is Complete

  • Confirm that a check appears next to [Open destination folder with the following application after transfer] in the [Options] pane [Preferences] tab and that [NX Studio] is selected in the pull-down menu.
  • Were all the files on the camera or memory card downloaded previously? If [Transfer new files only] is selected in the [Preferences] tab of the [Options] pane and there are no new files to download, no files will be downloaded and NX Studio or any other selected software will not start.