Keyword Searches

The location data recorded with pictures can be used to search the Internet for place names and other keywords pertaining to each location. Keywords so found can be added to picture metadata.

  1. Select the desired picture in the filmstrip or click its pin () on the map and select [Get from Location Data] in the adjustments/info palette [XMP/IPTC] tab. A keyword-selection dialog will be displayed.

  2. Select keywords in the [Address] or [Wikipedia] tab and click [Add]. Up to 100 keywords can be added to each picture.

  3. Selected keywords can be edited by clicking them in the list or deleted by clicking the [Delete] button.

  4. Click [OK] to add the keywords to the “keywords” field in the [XMP/IPTC] tab. The changes are applied when the picture is saved.

    Deleting Keywords

    To delete keywords from the [XMP/IPTC] tab, mouse over the terms in the “keywords” field and click .

The [Wikipedia] Tab

NX Studio locates keywords by searching the titles of articles posted to “Wikipedia”, an online encyclopedia. When you click [Get Keyword], NX Studio searches the titles of articles referencing locations near the point where the picture was recorded and displays a list of the keywords so found.

Finding Keywords

  • NX Studio can only conduct keyword searches when connected to the Internet and may be unable to locate keywords for some locations.
  • Search results may not be correct.