Viewing Track Logs

A track of your photographic journeys can be generated by joining selected pictures with straight lines.

Straight Segments

Enabling () the show route tool when two or more pictures with location data are selected displays a track showing the straight-line distance between each pin ().

  • The scale will be adjusted to fit all the selected pins on the map.
  • At default settings, the pins are joined in order by date of recording. To instead join the pins in the order selected, choose [Connect pins in selection order] for [View Path] in the [Map] section of the [Options] dialog (0 [Map]).

Route Tracing

After generating a straight-line route, you can scroll the map automatically to trace its track, with the current position on the route shown by a icon. Each of the pictures you took will be displayed in turn as you follow your photographic journey.

  • When the “show route” button is enabled () in the map toolbar, a icon will be displayed. Clicking displays an icon representing a human figure () following the route.

  • When the figure () reaches a map pin (), it will pause and a pop-up will be displayed showing the pictures taken at that point.

  • Route tracing can be paused or ended by clicking or in the map toolbar.
  • When the figure () reaches the final pin (), route tracing will end and the figure () will no longer be displayed.
  • Display of the photos when the figure () reaches each pin () can be disabled by removing the check from [View Path] > [Show pop-ups while icon is moving] in the [Map] section of the [Options] dialog (0 [Map]).