Adding Headings

You can add compass headings to pictures. If the picture was taken with a camera that supports compass headings, you have the option of editing the existing data. When a picture with a compass heading is selected, the map pin will change from to .

  1. Select the desired picture in the filmstrip or click its pin () on the map. You can add or edit compass headings for only one picture at a time.

  2. Enable () the edit compass heading button in the toolbar. The existing heading, if any, will be shown by an arrow.

  3. Drag to select the desired heading.

  4. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click [OK] to update the location data; if you added a compass heading, the pin will change to . The arrow will be re-oriented to the new heading.

Deleting Compass Headings

  • In addition to [Cancel] and [OK] options, the confirmation dialog for pictures with existing compass heading data contains a [Delete] option that can be used to delete the compass heading.
  • You can also delete the compass heading using [Metadata] > [Delete Heading] in the [Image] menu.