The Map Toolbar

Selecting map view () displays the map toolbar in the viewer.

Pin Tool
Select map pins ( or ) showing shooting locations.
Edit Location Data
Add or edit location data (0 Editing Location Data).
Edit Headings
Add or edit compass headings (0 Adding Headings).
Show Route
Link shooting locations via straight lines (0 Viewing Track Logs).
Manage Logs
View selected track logs on the map. Selecting this button () also displays options that can be used to manage track logs (0 Importing Track Logs).
Return the map to the home position. The home position can be selected using the [Map] item in the [Options] dialog (0 [Map]).
Re-center Map
Re-center the map on the current map pin (). If multiple pins or pictures are selected, the map will be redrawn to show all the selected items.
Open in Browser
Display the current map in a web browser using an online map service. Map pins () and other icons are not displayed. Note that some web browsers do not support Google Maps. For more information, see the online help for Google Maps.
Open the [Options] dialog to the [Map] section (0 [Map]).
Search Area

Enter a place name or address. If a match is found, it will be displayed in the center of the map.