What Location Data Can Do for You

Cameras equipped with location data features can embed the current longitude, latitude, altitude, and time (UTC, or Universal Coordinated Time) into pictures as they are taken. Location data can also be added to pictures using optional location data (GNSS) units or via the SnapBridge app.

Shooting locations can be displayed in map view () in the viewer based on data provided by web map services.

View Shooting Locations

Location data embedded in pictures can be used to display shooting locations on a map (0 Viewing Shooting Locations).

Editing Location Data

The location data embedded in pictures can be edited manually (0 Editing Location Data).

Adding Location Data

Location data can manually be added to pictures with no embedded location data (0 Adding Location Data).

Adding Headings

Compass headings can be added to location data and existing headings can be edited (0 Adding Headings).

View Track Logs

Generate track logs from embedded location data.

Straight Segments

Connect shooting locations using straight lines (0 Straight Segments).

Trace Route

Scroll the map automatically to trace the track and the pictures you took on your photographic journeys (0 Route Tracing).

Import Track Logs

Download track logs from compatible cameras, smartphones, or third-party GNSS receivers (0 Importing Track Logs).

Adding Pictures to Track Logs

Pictures with no location data can be added to existing track logs based on the time of recording (0 Adding Pictures to Track Logs).

Adding Altitude/Depth Readings to Track Logs

Combine track logs with altitude or depth logs (0 Adding Altitude/Depth Readings to Track Logs).

Perform Keyword Searches

Use location data to search the Internet for keywords that can be added to pictures as metadata (0 Keyword Searches).

Points to Note When Using Maps

  • The map display uses Google Maps.
  • Metadata are provided via a service that obtains keywords from Wikipedia.
  • Use of the map feature requires an Internet connection.
  • Nikon accepts no liability for damages or other injury to the user or third parties arising from use of the map feature.
  • The online map and keyword-search services used in the map feature are provided by third parties and are subject to change or cancellation without notice.
  • Use of the map feature is accompanied by upload of longitude and latitude data to service providers.
  • Be sure to read the terms of service before using Google Maps. A link to the Google Maps terms of service is available in map view.
  • Nikon does not provide customer support for issues involving the use of Google Maps.
  • The “add location data” and “edit location data” features are available only with photos (NEF, NRW, JPEG, and TIFF files).
  • Depending on the accuracy of the original location data, the locations shown in map view may differ from the actual shooting locations.
  • NX Studio supports location data conforming to the World Geodetic System (WGS 84) and Japanese Geodetic Datum (Tokyo Datum). The map may not accurately display locations recorded using other geodetic systems.
  • Location data added or changed in NX Studio use the World Geodetic System (WGS 84).
  • The geodetic system on which location data are based is listed under [Location Info] in the [Info] tab of the adjustments/info palette.
  • This software uses the “Geonames web services” API.