The Adjustments Tab

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 Basic Image Adjustment in NX Studio

Enhance pictures using the tools in the adjustments/info palette [Adjustments] pane.

Adjustments Manager
Copy adjustments from one picture to another or save current settings for later use. You can also cancel all changes and restore pictures to their original, unenhanced state (0 Copying Adjustments).
“Apply” Check Box
A check appears in this box whenever you make adjustments. Remove the check to hide adjustments.
Gray Point Sample Tool
Activate the gray point sample tool. Click anywhere in the picture to adjust white balance so that the sampled pixel takes on a neutral gray color (0 The White Balance Tool).
Retouch Brush
Remove dust and scratches (0 The Retouch Brush).
Color Control Point Tool
Enhance pictures using color control points (0 The Color Control Point Tool).
Crop pictures (0 Cropping Pictures).
Straighten Tool
Straighten pictures (0 The Straighten Tool).
Palette Options
Choose the items displayed in the adjustments palette.
Adjustments Palette
Enhance pictures.

The Adjustments Palette

The tools in the image adjustments palette are grouped into categories. Click the / buttons to view or hide each tool.

[Basic Edit Palettes]

This category consists chiefly of tools for working with RAW pictures, such as [Picture Control], [Exposure Comp.], and [White Balance].

[Levels & Curves]

Adjust contrast, tone curves (brightness), and color balance (0 The Levels and Tone Curves Tool).

[Lightness, Chroma, and Hue Adjustment]

Adjust colors.

  • [LCH]: Make adjustments to lightness, chroma, and hue channels (0 The LCH Tool).
  • [Color Booster]: Optimize saturation to make colors more vivid (0 The Color Booster Tool).

[Adjust Details]

Reduce image noise and adjust sharpness.


Target selected areas for dust removal or color enhancement.

[Adjust Composition]

Crop and straighten pictures and correct for the effects of perspective.

[Camera and Lens Corrections]

Correct for chromatic aberration and other artifacts originating with the camera or lens.

  • [Camera Corrections]: Correct for moiré, dust on the image sensor, and red-eye (0 The Camera Corrections Tool).
  • [Lens Corrections]: Correct for axial and lateral color aberration and other artifacts originating with the lens (0 The Lens Corrections Tool).


Choose whether to apply changes made using Capture NX or Capture NX 2 (0 The Versions Tool).

Hiding Adjustments

With the exception of [Versions], edits are indicated by a check mark at each tool’s top right corner. Removing the check hides the changes.

Reverting Adjustments

Each tool offers a pull-down menu that changes to [Current] when edits are made. Select [Original Value] to revert to the settings in effect when the picture was created.

Customizing the Adjustments Palette

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 Creating Custom Workspaces in NX Studio

Choose the tools displayed in the adjustments palette to create custom workspaces. Custom workspaces can be recalled via the menu.

  1. Click in the [Adjustments] tab and select [Customize Adjustments].

  2. A dialog will be displayed, click [New] () and name the workspace ().

  3. Select the tools that will be displayed in the adjustments palette. You can change the order of the tools using the and buttons. Click [OK] to save the new workspace when changes are complete.

  4. To display only the tools selected in Step 3, click in the [Adjustments] tab and choose the workspace from the list.