Experiencing Trouble?

Check the following.

Camera Not Detected?

  • Are the camera and computer properly connected? Turn the camera off and reconnect it to the computer.
  • Is the camera compatible with NX Tether? NX Tether is for use with compatible cameras only ( Supported Cameras).
  • Click [Disconnect] to end the connection between the camera and NX Tether and then reselect the camera using [Connected Camera].

Can’t Take Pictures?

  • Is there a memory card inserted in the camera? Be sure to insert a memory card in the camera when [Computer + Card] or [Card] is selected as the destination.
  • Is the battery low? Insert a spare battery or charge the current one.
  • Extend retractable lenses before shooting.

Can’t Adjust Settings?

  • When [Enable Controls on Camera Body] is enabled in the [Camera] menu, some settings can only be adjusted using the controls on the camera body.
  • Some settings may not be available depending on the option selected for [Exposure Mode].