Notification Sounds in NX Tether

If sound notifications are enabled in NX Tether, notifications will sound when:

  • a connection is established with a camera,
  • the connection to the current camera is ended,
  • download of pictures from the camera is complete, or
  • an error occurs.


When an error occurs, a message will be displayed and an alert will sound.

Enabling and Disabling Notification Sounds

To enable or disable notification sounds in NX Tether, click the notification sounds button in the NX Tether window. Notification sounds can also be enabled or disabled using the [Mute] option in the [Tools] menu.

Choosing a Notification Sound

You can choose a notification sound using the [Options] item in the [Tools] menu.

Choose a [Notification Sound] from [None], [Sound 1], and [Sound 2]. Selecting [None] disables notification sounds.