The [Shooting Settings] Pane

Shooting settings can be adjusted using the buttons in the NX Tether [Shooting Settings] pane.

The options available in the [Shooting Settings] pane vary with the camera connected.

Available Settings

  1. [Exposure Mode]: Choose the camera exposure (shooting) mode.
  2. [Shutter Speed]: Choose the shutter speed. Bulb photography is available in mode M ( Bulb Photography).
  3. [Aperture]: Choose the aperture.
  4. [ISO]: Adjust ISO sensitivity. If [Auto ISO Sensitivity Control] is enabled, the camera will adjust ISO sensitivity automatically.
  5. [White Balance]: Adjust white balance ( White Balance).
  6. [Exposure Compensation]: Adjust exposure.
  7. [Flash Compensation]: Adjust flash output.
  8. [Release Mode]: Choose a release mode ( Release Mode).
  9. [Interval Timer Shooting]: Adjust settings for interval-timer photography ( Interval-Timer Photography).
  10. [AE Lock]: Select [ON] to lock exposure at current settings. Exposure will not change to reflect changes in composition or brightness.

Viewing and Hiding the [Shooting Settings] Pane

To view or hide [Shooting Settings], click the gray bar at the top of the pane.


Aperture cannot be adjusted while the lens is removed or a non-CPU lens is attached.

Bulb Photography

For long exposures, select [Bulb Photography] in the [Shutter Speed] display.

  • The shutter speed for bulb photography can be chosen from values between 5 seconds and 59 minutes 59 seconds.
  • Click the shutter-release button to take pictures at the selected speed.
  • To end the exposure early, click [Stop].

White Balance

  • When (auto) or (fluorescent) is selected, you can choose the type of [Auto] or [Fluorescent] white balance setting used.



  • When (choose color temperature) is selected, you can choose the tint and color temperature.

Release Mode

  • When (continuous low-speed) or (continuous high-speed) is selected, you can choose the number of shots taken with each click of the shutter-release button. The settings available vary with the camera connected.

  • When (self-timer) is selected, you can choose a shutter-release delay of from 0 to 59 seconds.